My Foal 3D

Published by TREVA, Developed by -

Genres: Simulation (1 players)

US release date: - | EU release date: Mar 21st, 2013

My Foal 3D

Your very own foal: the mere thought is utterly thrilling for many horse lovers.

My Foal 3D can make this dream come true! There are over 25 different breeds to choose from, from rare Tersk horses out of chilly Ukraine to fiery thoroughbreds. The new 3D technology enables super cute yearlings to appear right in front of the player and eager for some fun times. With an Augmented Reality card, the Nintendo 3DS can make the foal magically appear in the child's room.

The new owners will soon learn that each of their sweethearts has its own endearing personality: for example, one may have a really sweet tooth, while another may love nothing better than a lovely roll in the sand. However, it will then be the players' job to make their poppets shine like new pins! Once they are immaculately groomed, the foals can even enter beauty contests in StreetPass mode against other foals that just happen to be playing on other Nintendo 3DS systems nearby.

    My Foal 3D features
  • 25 different horse breeds.
  • Eight mini games with three different levels of difficulty: washing, feeding, throw ball, teaching tricks, horse jumping, hold the reins, etc..
  • StreetPass Mode: Beauty competitions with other players will unlock additional ingame objects.
  • Augmented Reality Feature: Use the reality card to generate your horses and photograph them.
  • Story Mode: The player has to complete numerous assignments to become the best groom.
  • Timing & Gyro Challenge: console in your hands, train your foals on the lunge while turning round on the spot.
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