Capcom aiming for 100 zombies

Capcom aiming for 100 zombies

A couple of weeks back it was revealed that Capcom are bringing a version of Dead Rising onto Wii. It was said that less zombies would be appearing on-screen compared to the Xbox360 original, and thanks to an overlooked snippet in Nintendo Power magazine we can now put a rough number on that.

The developers are hoping to display over 100 zombies at once. Seems like a good number, although reports say the original on Xbox360 achieved close to 800. On the other hand, a number of improvements are being made in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop:

  • Combat and aiming controls will mimic Resident Evil 4.
  • Adjustable difficulty level.
  • Improved save system.
  • "Small text" bug fixed.
  • Overtime mode is now incorporated into the main game.

No news on whether the psychopaths will be back for this game. Hopefully the worst one of all won't be (Otis, with his incessant phonecalls).

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a wii gamer said:

Don't worry, the only point there were 800 at once on screen was in the parking garage. Besides that there was not over a 100 in your line of view at most points. They can just decrease how far you can see and more zombies could spawn on screen as you go, that would work.


Nintendoof said:

Behind you.


filipedyfolpedyflu said:

Wow, looking back that game was riddled with bugs, seriously. How did I play it.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Marvelous, I think that's a first Capcom actually supports Wii.


David said:

lol at otis = psycho comment.


Master Foot said:

Did they happen to mention that all 100 zombies wear the exact same clothes and have limited animation. We all know the Wii's capabilities so developers shouldn't make promises. I'm sure that there are people who are going to count 100 zombies and see if the game holds at 60 or even 30 FPS and then rip the game to shreds.


POWER said:

Sounds like a decent number to me. I really enjoyed the game on 360 considering I'd only played it once, so when I heard it was being ported to the Wii I got very excited. Also glad the small text bug has been fixed, the amount of hate mail. Woah.


Someone said:

I didn't play the 360 version, but I think this is going to be good.


wiiboy101 said:

800 my ass, plus they're two different takes on the game. One is traditional 3rd person and lots of aimless running around, the Wii version is over the shoulder 3d motion and more in your face action. The total zombie number on 360 was 300 not cough 800 and that was standing around no-A.I zombies when you're in a car just running them down. The Wii version looks like it's going for individual A.I on each zombie and making it a more in your face game. Arguing zombie counts is like arguing hard drive size, utterly pointless.


unedited said:

Has anyone ever played state of emergency, the first level is set in a mall and there are hundreds of people and riot police running all round the place. Now if a ps2 can handle those numbers I'm sure capcom can get over 100 mindless zombies on screen on the Wii.

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