Aero Guitar

Aero Guitar

Japanese developers Yudo are looking to cash in on the rhythm craze with their new WiiWare title Aero Guitar. Rockers on a budget will be pleased to know that no peripherals are needed, only the Wiimote and Nunchuk.

Aero Guitar is priced at 800 Wii Points and will hit Japan this summer. Both American and European releases are expected sometime too.

The first screenshots are now up on the Aero Guitar page.

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Nintendoof said:

Cool! 8 bucks for a hopefully decent guitar game.


SON of A Wii1-4 said:

Guitar Hero and Rock Band rip off.


Senpai said:

I love aero.


Sundog said:

Actually Son of A Wii, Japanese arcades had been doing guitar and rock music games years before Guitar Hero and Rock Band came out. We just hadn't picked up on that until GH because American arcades are DYING.

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