Mario Kart 8

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Racing (1-12 players)

US release date: May 30th, 2013 | EU release date: May 30th, 2013

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 introduces anti-gravity racing, allowing for some of the most creative and mind-blowing track design the series has ever seen. When players drive over a blue anti-gravity strip, the tires on their vehicles will turn sideways and emit a blue glow. When this happens, drivers can defy the laws of gravity by racing upside down, along walls and even up waterfalls. While in this mode, players can bump into each other to get a Spin Boost. This anti-gravity Spin Boost fundamentally redefines the way players compete and makes anti-gravity racing even more exhilarating.

Up to 12 players can race or battle online, as long as everyone has the game and a broadband Internet connection. Players also can create public or private tournaments for which they specify the day of the week, the time and the rules. Per tradition, players will be able to race against ghost data from friends or even the top 10 worldwide racers. With the new Mario Kart TV feature, players can even watch their highlight reels, rewind them, play them in slow motion or post them to Miiverse (a Nintendo Network ID is required). Players with Google accounts can also upload their reels directly to their YouTube channels to show off their slick racing moves.

Mention the Red Shell, Banana Peel or blue Spiny Shell items, and any fan will be able to instantly tell you what each one does in the Mario Kart series - they are that recognizable. All of these classic items return in Mario Kart 8, but are also joined by four new creations: The long-range Boomerang can be thrown up to three times, returning to its owner after each toss. The Piranha Plant attaches to the front of the player's vehicle and not only provides a speed boost with every lunge, but also bites other drivers or items that come too close. The Crazy Eight gifts eight orbiting items to a lucky driver to be used one by one. And last but certainly not least is the Super Horn. This item sends nearby drivers flying with a powerful sound wave, but also can blow away any incoming items like the dreaded and powerful blue Spiny Shell. That's right: The blue Spiny Shell has finally met its match.

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One of the most well known racing games finally gets its 8th title in the series. With the Wii U sadly becoming the left out fat kid in a PE class at school, does Mario Kart 8 have enough to get the attention it deserves? The loading screen is normal, I will start off full review

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