Asterix goes to the olympics too

Asterix goes to the olympics too

Not content with sitting at home, cartoon character Asterix and his friends had to get in on the olympic action too. He has a game coming out, creatively titled Asterix at the Olympic Games.

Will he be able to keep up with Mario and Sonic? The smart money says no. Asterix is set for release this Winter. Some screens have been made available on the game's page.

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Name123 said:

Sales for the mario and sonic version will be like, every time they sell an asterix game mario and sonic sell 200.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Um. Who?


Scooby Jew said:

Looks lame and not worth the money. I don't even know who Asterix is. He looks like a fly in that picture to me. Not quite sure how, but he does. Also, why would anybody put a fat person in an olympic game? Just doesn't make sense.


divinity boy said:

Once again Scooby Jew, you made another very biased comment. Asterix is a very successful cartoon character. The fat guy is one of two main characters in it. His hat has wings, not a fly on it.


KOOL-AID said:

Why does everybody copy off Nintendo. Probably because we're SO DAMN GOOD! (who the hell is Asterix anyway?).

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Nova said:

I happen to like Asterix. Don't judge fat characters. It shows how you feel about obese people in real life.


Aquamarine said:

How can somebody not know who Asterix is? Where have you been living all your life?


Captain Jamesman said:

I've only known Asterix for 2 days now and I've suddenly become a hardcore fan (seen 2 movies already). Scooby Jew, don't ever call Obelix fat, because he'll literally beat the hell out of you if you do. Trust me.


Sablicious said:

Most [younger] gamers won't know Asterix because he's from a time when cartoons still had some underlying intellectual & historical content. Nowadays kids are fed on a steady diet of Sponge Bob or Beavis & Butthead pea-brained entertainment. No wonder they have no clues about Asterix! Just let the haters get back to mashing buttons in Down's Syndrome type games like Halo, 'coz that's all they know anyway >_>.

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