Big Kahuna Party on WiiWare

Big Kahuna Party on WiiWare

In a press release earlier today, Reflexive Entertainment announced they intend on bringing Big Kahuna Party onto Nintendo's WiiWare service.

With a total of 99 levels, Big Kahuna Party builds on previous titles released on the PC. In addition to the usual single player mode, it's said to be multiplayer focused, with both coop and competitive styles of play for up to 4 players.

The "Big Kahuna" series are puzzle games themed around marine life, they're already popular with casual PC gamers. Reflexive claim that using the Wiimote alone, or Wiimote + Nunchuk combo, players will be able to swap tiles faster than ever. The game's producer commented:

"When we made the Big Kahuna games on the PC, we added a feature that allowed players to play together using multiple mice, and in the office it was a smash hit. Unfortunately, most people don't have multiple mice connected to their computer, so not enough people have gotten to experience the frantic fun of multiplayer Big Kahuna. For WiiWare, we've made multiplayer the focus".

A release date is expected soon. Currently, the release date has no release date. Some screens are up though.

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Big Kahuna? Righteous.

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