Dreamworks Jungle

Dreamworks Jungle

Three new US box arts for Wii. Can you handle it? First up here's George of the Jungle.

Watch out for that.. giraffe.

This is the blocky phenomenon, Blast Works: Build, Trade & Destroy.

Coming back after all these years, rat-tat-tat.

Last, but probably not least (I'm looking at you George), Dream Pinball 3D.

Everyone loves pinball.

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Keranu said:

That's a really rad cover for Dream Pinball.


The Hamburgler said:

Blast Works looks like the only one worth considering out of this lot.


Nintendoof said:

Blast Works looks cool.


Wiipaw said:

Hmmmm. Blast works actually sounds like fun.


Quartz said:

How is pinball rated E Ten and Up?


Master Foot said:

George of the jungle is definitely aimed at the younger crowd. What kind of title is that? "Search for the secret"? You know it's a real secret when the name of the secret is a secret.


TruBlu said:

Eh, none interest me. Dream Pinball MAYBE.


some random guy said:

E10 for pinball? Does esrb think pinball is violent now? Weird.

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