George of the Jungle

Published by Crave, Developed by Crave

Genres: Action (1 players)

US release date: Mar 18th, 2008 | EU release date: Apr 4th, 2008

George of the Jungle

Based on the beloved Jay Ward classic, you take control of George and guide him through his challenging, yet hilarious, quest.

A game for all the family, George is an epic side-scrolling platformer, that will have you swinging, running, jumping, climbing, fighting and laughing your way through an assortment of obstacles whilst collecting bonus items along the way.

Experience beautifully recreated cell shaded characters and rich, lush jungle environments. Interact with a host of characters that are supplemented with actual voiceovers from the cartoon series.

The Jungle is a dangerous place, full of ...well... 'DANGER'!, but George with a little help from his friends shall overcome these and prove why he is the only true heir to the Jungle throne.


  • Swing, run, jump, climb and charge your way through exciting adventures as George of the Jungle!
  • Based on the classic Jay Ward series and the highly anticipated new animated series due to air on Nickelodeon (UK) Autumn 2007
  • Enter the jungle - dangerous to some, a playground to George
  • Join George on his hilarious quest
  • Interact with the whole gang - Ursula, Magnolia, Dr. Scott, the Witch Doctor, Shep and of course George's best buddy Ape
    • Battle hostile monkey tribes, ferocious crocodiles, tiki warriors, and many other entertaining enemy encounters
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User comments


jskrdude said:

Does that mean there's another sequel coming out soon? Run for the hills.


Master Foot said:

I smell Saturday morning cartoon.


kareshi is black said:

George Of the Jungle, I see this show on Teletoon. Hope the game is playable.


divinity boy said:

Looks like a game where developers wanted to cash in on the Wii's success with a crappy game. Hopefully not.


doglover said:

Yeah, Master Foot, it is a cartoon but they start showing it in January.


Luigi said:

This is a cartoon for Cartoonnetwork. And I thought George of The Jungle was Disney.

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