Bomberman's trauma

Bomberman's trauma

Monday kicks off with some new boxy artworks. Here's Bomberman Land, the US version.

This is the Japanese version of Trauma Center: New Blood. Compared to the alternative I think they've gotten lucky.

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Super King said:

I want those two girls on the far right and left to be MY doctor.


Nintendoof said:

These are huge casts of characters on both boxarts and I agree with you 10000000%. Ours is just a cross. That's it.


Zendalf said:

First picture analysis: When did Bomberman become gay? Or at least metro. Second picture analysis: Lady on the left, what is up with the cross? Main guy, what is up with the Tarken hair?


benny said:

Those are some pretty hot doctors, but I'm not an anime character, so I'm screwed (I wish).

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Nova said:

This is weird. The Japanese on the top of the title says kadukeusu. This can't be a Japanese word becuase it is in Katakana (which is used for saying foreign words such as gitaa for guitar). I wonder what kadukeusu means.


kareshi is black said:

Black Chick Doctor FTW.

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