Rock 'n' Ball dudes \m/

Rock 'n' Ball dudes \m/

Bplus, the developers of Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint, have announced their next WiiWare game.

It's called Niki: Rock 'n' Ball, an arcade platformer where you take control of a round-shaped "Niki Ball". Timing is everything, as you tilt the Wiimote to roll around the 2d levels. Your ball can also turn into a rock to fend off enemies, hence the title.

There's a video showing off some in-game action, it looks reasonably fun in my humble opinion.

At least the music's not repetitive.

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Nova said:

Looks kind of fun. But I could see how this gets really old after a while.


WiiBoy said:

Funny article.

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