Carnival Games Wii

Carnival Games Wii

Earlier on Global Star Software announced Carnival Games, a new Wii title that aims to bring the fun of the carnival into your living room (or bedroom). Developers "Cat Daddy Games" are behind it, they're most known for work on the PC game "Deal or No Deal".

Supporting up to four players, Carnival Games features over 25 carnival events, including:

  • Clown Splash
  • Milk Can Toss
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Lucky Cups
  • Hoops
  • Day at the Races
  • Dunk Tank

In addition, there will be over 250 prizes to win, from goldfish to stuffed toys. Joy.

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User comments


Quartz said:

I... won't ask.


Scooby Jew said:

Goldfish?! Holy crap! A must-buy! Not. *sigh* Why do people even bother making games sometimes?

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james said:

Stop bringing out these rubbish mini games style games. Wii needs more big adventure games like Zelda.


BrothaZ said:

Personally I think this game is perfect idea-wise.


Ian C said:

Yes joy to all. Not!


Master Foot said:

I see this game potentially being good or really bad. They have to somehow simulate the carnival atmosphere with far less people.


cmk said:

Actually, I like it. I like collecting things in games.


Ian C said:

Poor goomba stuck with that frilly hat.


yay wii said:

Yea I have Wii play and Wii sports, I think that's plenty of mini games for now. I don't think we need any more.


Elementrat said:

Goomba, I am in awe at your absolutely stunning choice of style. If I was a girl goomba, I would want to make out with you.

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