Bongo Blast back from limbo

Bongo Blast back from limbo

Last year a game called DK Bongo Blast was set to release on the Gamecube, then all went quiet and it disappeared off the face of the planet. Now it's coming back, but on Wii instead.

The game was originally set to use the bongo accessory released on Gamecube. It's not certain whether the bongos will be supported any more, but the ability to use the Wiimote and Nunchuk pairing is a definite. More info when it's available.

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Scooby Jew said:

If only they'd make a DK Double-base Blast or something (Metal drums game).


Zendalf said:

Wait, this game never actually came out? Wow, pretty sad. Once again picking up something that sort of died is good though, like Cold Case.


wiiman said:

Bring back the old dk. The platformer was the best game.


Gary the Snail said:

DK Bongo Blast did exist! (In Australia, anyway). It is a must buy! Can't wait for the Wii version. If it doesn't include the bongo's then it will be missing heaps. They are entirely necessary for the enjoyment.


[RS]Omega Red said:

If it didn't come out why were they selling the Bongo drums? I remember seeing them at the store. Did I miss something?


DeAtH By Wii said:

Obviously you did miss something. The bongos are sold for games like Donkey Konga (and 2) and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (and 2?).


April Ryan said:

There were two or three of these DK Bongo games released, and I'm guessing this was another sequel. You're probably thinking of those other games.

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