Dokapon Kingdom from Atlus

Dokapon Kingdom from Atlus

Guess who that is? That's right, it's Princess Penny. She features in a new game published by Atlus on Wii - Dokapon Kingdom.

It's selling itself as an RPG-meets-board-game for up to four players. There's a trailer, box art and a number of screenshots already available.

Dokapon Kingdom comes out in the US during October. Yay or nay?

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Tommy The Wii Man said:



hbh said:

Yay? It definitely has potential.


Sonic Phantom said:

Penny? Why does she look like Princess Peach?


Wiipaw said:

If it wasn't for that oval crystal on her chest, I probably wouldn't think of her as a TOTAL ripoff of Princess Peach.


WiiNinja said:

Um. Nay.


BrAwL said:

We'll see.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Princess Penny?

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Nova said:

Is it required to put that message at the beginning of trailers now? I've been seeing it a lot lately and I don't think there was much in that that could harm young minds in any way.


bielby23 said:

I'll probably try it. It dosent look too bad.


Plaugefiend said:

What the!? Peach has a long lost twin!?


Nintendoof said:

I thought that was Peach with a different head attached.


Son Ninja said:

Is this the prequel to Super Princess Peach, if it is not then why is that girl wore costume in similar fashion to Princess Peach (as chibi), heck even her hair is blonde, the dress color is pink with two round shoulders, and she even had that circular gem in her chest just like Princess Peach. I'm predicting a patent lawsuit coming soon for this character.


Celestral said:

You do all realise that that's the typical image of a princess? So it's not a rip-off of Peach in any way.

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