Dokapon Kingdom

Published by Atlus, Developed by Atlus

Genres: RPG / Party (1 players)

US release date: Oct 14th, 2008 | EU release date: -

Dokapon Kingdom

The King of Dokapon has offered you his throne; all he asks for in return is that you dispose of an invading horde of thieving monsters. Trouble is - you're not the only one he asked. Contend with up to three friends as you navigate playfields littered with challenges, monsters to defeat, and rare secrets to unlock. Warning: Relationship counseling not included.

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User comments


Goombaka said:

That poor drow in screen 3 is getting stabbed in the crotch.


bielby23 said:

Not bad lookin, kind of reminds me of ToS.


Lithotripsy said:

This game is really entertaining. Love it.


spannerz said:

When is a pal version going to be made?


freeflyer said:

RPG junior anyone.


Hey said:

Love the game, but it looks like what all matters is money. Princess penny, Dog named cash.

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