He's a pinball wiizard

He's a pinball wiizard

Earlier today SouthPeak Games issued a press release announcing a new title. It's a pinball game called Dream Pinball 3D. The DS handheld will also be getting a version, as will the PC.

Dream Pinball 3D boasts 6 different tables with all the bells and whistles you'd expect. The motion sensing capabilities of the Wiimote will also be made use of somehow.

CEO at SouthPeak, Melanie Mroz commented:

"Everyone loves pinball. It's an unusual kind of entertainment in that it bridges hardcore and casual gamers, while translating very well to video games. We are going to give the medium the respect it deserves".

That's kinda presumptuous, I wouldn't say I _loved_ pinball. Anyway, expect to see Dream Pinball 3D sometime during Spring this year.

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Keranu said:

Pinball is one of the greatest things on Earth, how could you not love it? I was hoping this was going to be a sequel to Pinball Dreams.


Wii said:

Guess the motion sensing might be to pull back the ball. Not really a big fan of pinball. Probably not going to get this game.

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Juan said:

Would be perfect for wiiware.


jskrdude said:

Make it work with the Classic Controller.


Nintendoof said:

I got to HAND it to you but, I don't like pinball video games. I could just play at a local restaurant.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Hohoho. Nintendoof made a funny.


wiicloud9 said:

Yeah, I would prefer playing pinball at a store or game place. Cheaper unless you continuously go to the machine.


i need a wiieww said:

Isn't one pinball game enough? Aren't they all basically the same?


doglover said:

To launch it you'd probably pull back the Wiimote and then jerk forward and to flip the right flipper you swing the Wiimote up and to the left flipper Nunchuk up.

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