Catch my DRiiFT

Catch my DRiiFT

Konami has announced a top-down racer called DRiiFT-Mania for WiiWare. The game has up to 8 players racing around a series of courses on the same screen.

    DRiiFT-Mania features
  • 12 tracks (themes are City, Snow, Hills and Oasis).
  • Single player races.
  • 6 modes of multiplayer.
  • Customizable vehicles.
  • Team races.

Ivan Ironman's Super Off Road reborn?

DRiiFT-Mania is expect for release in July, screenshots are now up.

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LT13 said:

Wow, another updated game from the past.



I know they just keep making the same old crap over & over! I did like super off road but come on, give us new stuff.

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