DRiiFT Mania

Published by Konami, Developed by Konami

Genres: Racing

US release date: - | EU release date: -

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DRiiFT Mania

Viewed from above, Driift Mania is a fast-paced racer that allows up to eight players to race each other, using cartoon-style cars.

Featuring twelve different tracks based on four themed environments - cityscape, hills, snow and a desert oasis - players can also select one of 32 vehicles from four categories. Each category is tailored for use within the different environments, with variations of speed, acceleration and handling and grip levels making specific vehicles ideal for particular locations.

Driift Mania's multi-player modes allow users to play using combinations of Wii Remotes, Nunchucks and Classic Controllers, and seven game modes are on offer. These range from the single-player and multi-player championships, and Team Race, wherein participants are divided into two teams, with the winner determined by those that accrue the most points. The VIP mode elects one player per team as a VIP vehicle, who must be protected at all costs from the opposition cars, with the removal of the VIP car resulting in a win for the attacking team.

Driift Mania also uses 'Contamination' where a player is marked contagious and must contaminate very other player within a set period, while the 'Cold Potato' mode charges the user with collecting said vegetable and holding on to it for as long as possible! Finally, the 'Meteorite' option sees players embarking on a normal race, while trying to avoid a series of meteors as they fall from the sky.

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DRiiFT Mania is a new racing game from Konami. While there are already several other racers on the WiiWare service, it's safe to say that DRiiFT takes a different approach from them. Anyone who remembers oldies like Ivan Ironman's Super Off Road or RC Pro AM will immediately...read full review

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