EA's answer to Wii Fit

EA's answer to Wii Fit

EA has put out a video showing off its own exercise game carrying the branding EA Sports Active, though that may not be the actual title.

Clearly hoping to cash in as an alternative to Wii Fit, it will retail for around half the price at $60. The exercises involve strapping the Wiimote or Nunchuk to your leg, two of these special straps will be packed in. There's also a "resistance band" which is used in some activities.

You're given an on-screen personal trainer to guide you through your program (and perhaps yell generic slogans at you). A variety of settings are available, but the game recommends at least 20 minutes of usage per day.

Exclusive to the Nintendo Wii, you can expect to see this on shelves in March.

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Peter said:

Cool, looks good but I already got Wii Fit so if you ask me this has come too late. I won't get it but I don't know why people who don't have Wii Fit wouldn't.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Another bad clone of a good Big N franchise, if EA is going to make something for Wii it should be SSX, seriously Blur sucked.


WiiStud said:

I agree Diddy Kong Lover, Blur did suck, but this does not look too bad to me. Too bad I won't get it. Seems to be geared for chix.


SON OF A WII 1-4 said:

This seems more realistic than Wii Fit. If it costs only $60 I am selling my Wii Fit and getting this.


Master Foot said:

EA Sports Active! Now with miniscule annual updates.

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