ExciteBike WiiWare details

ExciteBike WiiWare details

New details have emerged on the Excitebike remake on WiiWare, Excitebike: World Rally:

  • Game runs at a slick 60fps.
  • Wheelie over racers who are moving slowly.
  • Ram other racers over.
  • Races take place all over the world in locations like Japan, Mexico (they just don't have the regulations), London and the US.
  • Multiple circuits in each location.
  • Race for ranks to make progress, rank S, A or B needed to move on.
  • Motion controls using the Wiimote involve tilting to pop a wheelie.
  • Classic controls are the same as the NES game.
  • Best times are recorded and stamped to detail which control style was used.
  • Press A button to change the camera angle being used.
  • 2.5D camera angle offers a better view down the track.
  • Replays can be watched.
  • Track builder lets you create and save your own tracks.
  • Online races against random people or friend codes can be used.

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Parvin said:

Wow. I've never really been a fan of old Nintendo games, or their updated versions, such as Sin and Punishment (the new one coming out whatever it's called); but this actually looks decent. This is gonna be a pretty good game in my opinion.


chickenmatt5 said:

How much does it cost?

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