Far Cry Vengeance M rated

Far Cry Vengeance M rated

Far Cry: Vengeance, an upcoming title for Wii has been given an M rating by the ESRB. Nintendo has been labeled a 'kiddy' console in the past (mainly by the uneducated), this might go some way to fix that. Other M rated titles near the launch window are:

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cmk said:

Huh whaddya know, an m-rated Far Cry game.


Scooby!_Jew said:

Come on Grand Theft Auto. Or any Rockstar game for that matter.


Master Foot said:

FINALLY! Nintendo fans will know what a "M" looks like. Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letter "M" for Mature.


cubeboy101 said:

The in-game and fmv is excellent, textures lighting and water are all up there. It's got really great graphics, for a rushed launch title. Fingers crossed it's going to kick butt, it looks really polished and up there with the 360 version. The exclusive control setup also looks great, real dual weapons, real point and aim. I'm awaiting reviews.


wii lover said:

F-ing "M" games rock woooo.


BrothaZ said:

Twilight princess is rated M in australia, so that is something more than this.


sinappipipo said:

What? Far Cry is a launch title? It would be ready next summer or something.


Wii-Worshiper said:

Aww that sucks!


jimmy said:

Don't forget red steel, that dosnt look like a kiddies game.


wii-mote dude said:

Ha ha! Now my sony-fan classmates will never be able to say that Nintendo doesn't have any violent games.


hmm said:

You think one game is going to change how the public views Nintendo? I wish it could but it's not going to happen. How many RE titles were put out on GC but still they considered GC kiddish.


Owlboy said:

I thought red steel woulde be m for sure. Hmm oh well. I just hope the wii becomes a hub for anyone looking for REAL fps action!


wiiiiiiiiii said:

If farcry's controls for turning are better than red steel that's all I care about.

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