Fatal Frame IV to be on Wii

Fatal Frame IV to be on Wii

According to publishers Tecmo, the next installment in the Fatal Frame series will be making its debut on Wii. Known as Project Zero in Europe, Fatal Frame is set firmly in the survival horror genre.

I actually haven't heard of these games before but interestingly this new one, Fatal Frame IV will be developed by Grasshopper once they're finished with No More Heroes.

Grasshopper is a studio headed up by Suda 51, the mastermind behind cult classic Killer7.

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Nova said:

The star in Killer7 (I think) also had the name Travis. They said that there might be a trilogy of non-related games with the character's name being Travis.


cmk said:

LOL. Fatal frame pic. I love WW.


Master Foot said:

Hey look, Goomba's filled with non violent raspberry jelly.


wiimaster said:

Yes! And with Suda51 even better.


Nintendoof said:

First the Mona Lisa, now this! Why Fatal Frame?


DragonFoxCoon said:

Maybe I should catch up on the series while I have the chance. I love it that Nintendo's reaching out to the older crowd.


InsertPageUp said:



Senpai said:

How could you not have heard of fatal frame?! That's SUCH a cool game.

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