Fatal Frame IV

Published by Tecmo, Developed by Grasshopper

Genres: Adventure (1 players)

US release date: - | EU release date: -

Fatal Frame IV

10 years ago, five girls were captured and held hostage by a criminal in a mysterious house on Rougetsu Island, located south of Honshu.

They were eventually rescued by Choushiro Kirishima, a detective pursuing the criminal. Several years after the incident, two of the girls, Marie Shinomiya and Tomoe Nanamura, died mysteriously. The three remaining girls, Ruka Minazuki, Misaki Asou, and Madoka Tsukimori, all now 17 years old, return to the island to recover their lost memories and find out more about their kidnapping. Choushiro follows the girls at the request of Ruka's mother, Sayaka Minazuki.

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User comments


SSBB said:

Great game, can't wait to buy it. Very scary and fun, I spent my last summer playing this.


Vanilla Spice said:

Oh, yay! Another fatal frame game! *squeals*. Hopefully it explains what happened to Mio. I heard rumors that Mio will be the heroine of this one, and that it will take place in another forest.


Wiimaster said:

This game will be a buy.


TheZster said:

The Fatal Frame series is my favorite of all my games. I'm sure that this installment will be just as good as the rest. One of those "must play in the dark games".


Link Q said:

That one looks extremely cool, I'll get it for sure! I love horror games.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Ironic huh, Resident Evil which was practically Nintendo exclusive as a series has cut-off from Nintendo and transferred back to Sony. Fatal Frame was Sony exclusive, now it's cut off and gone to Wii. Still I look forward to Eternal Darkness 2 more.


Master Foot said:

The graphics look sweet. I can't wait to see it in motion. I'm not familiar with the lore of Fatal Frame, but maybe should get a digital SLR camera instead of that ancient relic.

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