No Fatal Frame IV in the US?

No Fatal Frame IV in the US?

A Tecmo representative has been quoted saying that Wii game Fatal Frame IV will not be released in North America, just staying in Japan.

"Nintendo holds the publishing rights to Fatal Frame Wii, which was developed by Tecmo LTD and Grasshopper Manufacture and released in Japan on July 31st, 2008. Nintendo of America has since then decided not to publish the title in North America ? consequently, the title will not be released in this territory. As the owner of the IP, Tecmo feels very unfortunate that the fans of the series in North America will not have a chance to play the game, but respects the final decision made by Nintendo of America".

Sounds like bad news for fans of the survival horror genre.

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Nova said:

Not I.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

What the hell? It's this kind of thinking that made them lose out on Mortal Kombat, the one time a SONY only franchise goes to Nintendo, America spits on it.


Jettwinlock said:

You know everyone is always complaining about not enough hardcore games for Wii so why would Reggie do this? I don't think he's pleasing the hardcore gamers at all. What were they thinking?


Yoshi-1up said:

That's it! I'm moving to Japan.



Too bad Nintendo just keep bringing all the trash to the Wii and let the 360 and ps3 get all the good stuff, and that's too bad cause the Wii is a good system and really does get all the crap games with only a handfull of good ones! Very bad move! American games suck.


Supersmashdodo said:

Screw Nintendo of America. But not Japan.


Valentine said:

Come on Reggie, tell us all about Fatal Frame 4! Publish Fragile, Fatal Frame and Disaster Day of Crisis! No more waggle minigames FTW (For The Wii) Need more core games FTW (For the Win).


Matt said:

Screw Nintendo.


Son Ninja said:

A lot of questions about the Wii and its games will be answered at this year's E3 2009 so don't lose hope yet.


Kali said:

Screw you guys! I have no respect for you anymore.

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