Ferrari Challenge aims high

Ferrari Challenge aims high

A few weeks back, System 3 signed a deal with Ferrari which will allow them to release licensed racing games. The first fruit of this is to be Ferrari Challenge Racing on the Wii.

In a recent interview, System 3 CEO and founder Mark Cale commented they were striving to reach a high standard for their first Ferrari racer.

"The advantage we've got with the Wii is there aren't any great racing games on there. Rest assured that what we want to do is create the Gran Turismo for the Wii".

He talks a big game.

Ferrari Challenge is a cross between a simulation and an arcade racer. Mr Cale says the DS title will be the best looking racing game available on the platform. Wii's version will come in 2 variants, one including a steering wheel.

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DJames said:



um said:

I don't like racing games.


Gonzo said:

This better be a good game!


Scooby Jew said:

He sounds damn confident in this series. I like that. It means he's probably going to try every good idea that comes to mind not caring if it's going to be successful or not. He just wants to make a good game. He's got my full support, and perhaps my money if this game is as good as he's anticipating it.


Ekaj185 said:

Hey, where'd goomba go?!


Elementrat said:

I can't find him anywhere! *Starts to panic*.

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