Ferrari Challenge

Published by System 3, Developed by System 3

Genres: Racing (2 players)

US release date: Aug 26th, 2008 | EU release date: Sep 12th, 2008

Ferrari Challenge

The racing game genre has always been one of the most successful genres in video gaming accounting for 12% of all games sold. Ferrari is a top brand in the world making the combination a perfect match. The first preview of the Ferrari Challenge game by the international press will be held on June 23rd at the home of Ferrari, Maranello, Italy and will coincide with the finale of Ferrari's 60-year celebrations throughout which System 3 has been a major sponsor. The celebration tour started in Abu Dhabi in January and is set to traverse fifty countries before concluding at the Ferrari factory and the Ferrari home test circuit, Fiorano. Details of further titles from System 3 including "Ferrari Street Racer", featuring the whole range of Ferrari' cars will also be announced at the event.

System 3, CEO, Mark Cale added, "Video games and racing have been my two passions during the twenty-five years that I've been in the business. Finally the two have collided and I'm immensely proud to be bringing the Ferrari Challenge to market this year. We have invested in the best development talent in the industry and I'm confident that the game will be even more impressive than the license."

Ferrari's Katia Bassi, Head of Licensing said, "Mark has been a highly valued customer of Ferrari for over twenty years during which time we have developed a special relationship including System 3 becoming a sponsor of our 60th birthday anniversary road tour and celebrations. We know that the Ferrari Challenge is in good hands as Mark himself is an experienced Challenge series driver, giving him a unique insight into translating the technical aspects of our engineering to the medium of video games".

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User comments

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Nova said:

I like racing games with a wide diversity of cars. Not all from just one manufacturer.


car fanatic said:

Ferraris with the wiis motion controlled steering. Awesome!


599 GTB said:

This will only be good if they include this car and if they really push the Wii to get some decent graphics.


wiiboy101 said:

Screenshots look not good, but so did ds screens, the latest preview video of the DS version is stunning. Super fast with a great frame rate, so let's await the Wii video. I have a feeling in my water it's going to look amazing. Just make it a good game please.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Graphics look really good, but I don't think there's going to be enough choice for cars. And aren't Ferraris generally the same stats-wise?


wiifanboy#1 said:

Look at picture 4 out of 6. And they say that the game will feature cutting edge A.I..


BestatBrawl said:

Hmm. The game looks really good, and it is just my opinion but I think that it is better than Gran Turismo 4 graphics-wise. I saw the preview on the Nintendo Channel and it really looks good. No longer stuck with the PS2 graphics.


Jammer said:

Mark Cale has missed a trick here. He's given us a simulation with no analogue throttle or braking, and possibly the craziest motion controlled gear shifting ever thought up. How am I supposed to feather the throttle? I've 500 horses on tap here and it's raining man! The throttle and brakes are just on/off switches.


drewcifer said:

I think it has the nurburgring as one of the tracks, as long as playability is half decent, then I don't care what sports car I have to use, it's worth a pass to the ring.


jaskirat said:

I like this game.


bob said:

Fun game, I just wish there was more cars.

7 posts

Ahyan said:

I want the ferrary challenge because its you want it.

1 decade ago

7 posts

Ahyan said:

if you want to play it then come to my house.

1 decade ago

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