G1 Jockey details

G1 Jockey details

Koei have let slip some extra information regarding their upcoming horse racing game G1 Jockey. Will Curley, Sales Manager at Koei stated:

"We're hoping that this game will make all horse racing games before it look like a right load of old pony and have gamers trotting down to their local store to back a genuine winner and be first past the post with the greatest horse racing game ever".

Will currently holds the world record for most horse racing puns crammed into a sentence.

Central to the game is 'Career Mode' which sees you as a newcomer jockey, jumping from horse to horse as you progress onward and upward.

During races you use the nunchuk to point your steed in the right direction. The fun part is that you can use the Wiimote as a whip, encouraging the animal to maintain a good speed.

G1 Jockey gallops into stores on June 29th.

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cmk said:

LOL! Those puns were terrible.


Ekaj185 said:

Sounds OK.


Elementrat said:

Did he actually say all that? Hehehe wow.


Gonzo said:

Dang, that's a long sentence.


Sonic Fan said:

There goes Black Beauty.

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