The Gene Simmons Axe Guitar

The Gene Simmons Axe Guitar

Kobian USA has brought out a new guitar accessory for the Wii, but this is one with a difference. Available on Amazon for $79.99, it's the menacingly shaped Gene Simmons Axe Guitar.

  • Compatible with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
  • Bi-directional Strum Bar.
  • Ultra Responsive Fret Buttons.
  • Analog Whammy Bar.
  • Holds the Wiimote.
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Nintendoof said:

Holy simmons.


BDJ said:

Can we use this also in the Netherlands or only on the NTSC platform?


SON OF A WII 1-4 said:

Sickest guitar I have ever seen. Gene Simmons RuLeZ.

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