Geon coming to Wii

Geon coming to Wii

In a press release just now, game publishers Pinnacle announced Geon is on its way to Wii.

Originally released on Xbox Live! Arcade, Geon is an arcade action title. Players control 'Geon' cubes, picking up pellets strewn across the level with the aim of putting them in opponents' goals.

Strawdog Studios, developers of the original, are handling the Wii game too. These features are specific to the new version:

  • 16 new Duel-mode grids.
  • Updated game rules.
  • Attack and defend with a single button press.
  • Duel league mode.
  • Time Attack mode is now a game of pure speed.
  • Tutorial helps ease the player's learning curve.
  • 32 avatars for player profiles.
  • Wiimote functionality offers the ability to perform 'jumpbash' attack moves by flicking the controller like a drumstick.
  • Up to 4 person multiplayer split-screen.

There's also a video explaining a bit about how to play:

Geon is set to come out during February 2009. For box art and screenshots see the game's page.

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Nintendoof said:

That looks cool. Kind of like Chess.


Master Foot said:

The more the merrier. I've never played it, but can anyone vouch for its quality?

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Mike said:

Looks like a bad pacman clone.

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