You're the Wii that I want

You're the Wii that I want

You better shape up, cause.. publishers 505 have acquired the rights to distribute a video game based on the Grease franchise. It will hit both the Wii and DS.

Well known characters from the film like Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds will be included with all the songs. The game is said to support a microphone peripheral so you can assume a lot of singing will be involved. 505's Ian Howe commented:

"We're really excited about working with Paramount to turn this world famous film into a game for the very first time. Working with such a well known and loved brand is a fantastic opportunity and we believe the collaboration further strengthens 505 Games' entertainment portfolio".

Development is being handled by Zoe Mode. No release dates are known as yet.

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sweet said:

Most of the kids don't know about grease. I do, but I don't think most people born after 1995 will know much about it.


Monkeylemur said:

Obviously targetting the older people who have wiis.


Kangus Esquire said:

Of course they'll know what 'Grease' is, that's like saying most people born after 1950 knows what 'The Wizard of Oz' is.

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Nova said:

I don't know. A lot of schools still do grease as a play. My sister is pretty young and she loves grease. I think it will probably still be remembered. But I still don't really like big franchise games so I'm not that interested.


Wii Cloud said:

Oh my. Doesn't look good. Another movie game, from the past, that will fail on the Wii.

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