GTA art featuring Mario & Luigi

You don't see this every day

Well this is pretty cool! Talented artist Amirul Hafiz has come up with these GTA-style pieces with a difference - that is, they have characters from the Nintendo universe in them instead.

Enjoying a Burger Shot.

Fighting the law, and losing.

The passion, she is back.

Not the discreetest drive-by.

Bowser has a score to settle.

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Game Boo said:

Luigi looks kinda like Niko from gta4 :)

1 decade ago

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danni FL said:


1 decade ago

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Don Perez said:

I always suspected Bowser was a bald guy in a costume.

1 decade ago

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YoshiFanXD said:

Me Too

1 decade ago

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Mofomike said:

Mario looks like Kenny from the walking dead game XD

9 years ago

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