GH3 guitar works with Rock Band 2

GH3 guitar works with Rock Band 2

A developer on the Harmonix forums has confirmed that the Guitar Hero 3 Wii guitar can also be used to play the Wii version of Rock Band 2.

This compatibility should come as welcome news to those who are fans of both games, but don't have room / money for separate guitars. Wii bundles for Rock Band 2 are said to be coming out in December, with these suggested prices:

    Rock Band 2 bundles for Wii
  • Standalone Software - $49.99
  • Standalone Drums - $89.99
  • Standalone Guitar - $69.99
  • Special Edition Bundle - $189.99

Downloadable content will also feature in the Wii game this time around.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Sa'weet, I prefer the Guitar Hero guitars over Rock Bands any day.


Fishmon said:

The drums work too, right?



But how I thought they would use USB ports!?

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John said:

Rumor has it the GH:WT Drums also work with Rock Band 2. This was originally posted in IGN's preview of RB2, however the article has since been removed at the request of the "involved parties" I.E. EA, Harmonix, Activision, Vicarious Visions etc.


Ted said:

How do you get the GH3 Les Paul to work with RB2?

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