Guitar Hero 3 Wii info

Guitar Hero 3 Wii info

In a recent interview President of RedOctane, Kai Huang spilled some beans regarding the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3.

Firstly, Kai commented the development team were excited about using the Wiimote in creative ways, but the game itself will be played using a guitar accessory similar to previous titles.

GH3 Wii allows online play and will also feature downloadable music tracks. It's currently scheduled for an Autumn release.

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Sonic Fan said:

But why play Guitar Hero online?


Zendalf said:

Shweet! I can't freaking wait for this game. Maybe they could use the wiimote for like a mini game where you have to headbang or something.


cmk said:

BOOYAH FREAKING KASHA! I was so hoping that we'd have downloadable tracks! That would be the only reason this game would get old, but now it's solved. And I'm also excited about the guitar accessory because it means I'll know how to use one so I can own my friends on the ps2 or 360.


Unknown said:

You shouldn't play it online, they just include it to make the game seem better.


eric wii said:

This sounds like it's going to be on the top of the charts. I can't wait for this game now. But when is autumn? I live in florida so I can't really tell the different seasons.


Killer Ape said:

Why not play guitar hero online? It would be sweet.


Yoshi-1up said:

NO WAY! That sounds awesome!


Scooby Jew said:

Downloadable music tracks and online play? That's the own, IMO.


lews001 said:

It'd be awesome if you had to sidestep like Wii boxing, to dodge incoming beer bottles and whatnot while you're playing at the lowdown bar locations during the beginning of the career mode.


Joseph The Squriel said:

I thought they could just use the Wiimote AS the guitar; flick the wiimote for the pick and move the nunchuk up and down the neck for the frets. Not to mention the different directional possibilities with the analog stick.


Gamer guru said:

SWEET! Even though it's going to be rated T I'll turn 13 in December. ROCK OUT!

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Nova said:

Sonic Fan, there haven't been many online games announced so far. Quit complaining and just let them soak in.


wiiman said:

I love that it is downloadable and online pimpin.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Downloadable songs sounds good, but what about importing songs from a memory card? I mean, I'm already sold on this one, but it would make the game so much better to rock out to your own style of music every once in a while (I'm not a fan of most of the songs from the first two).


Nickfury said:

I think they'll make a Guitar that plugs into where the Nunchuck should be.


zzz said:

I can not wait for this. I beat 1 and 2 and this will be awesome.


tu madre said:

This game is going to be sick!


geek gamer said:

ROCK ON! This game is going to ROCK our world.


jdr131313 said:

This game is going to be amazing. As long as we are not using the wiimote. I'd rather use a guitar.


Divinity Boy said:

Online play. Now it's perfect.


guitar demon said:

Yay! I get to play online.


GamerGod said:

Guitar battling someone from another state/province or country, what is wrong with that, it's like a world tour. For you rockers out there, there is 1P mode boss battles and Slash (from Velvet Revolver) is in it.


Sonic Phantom said:

I was not complaining Nova, I was just wondering how do you play Giutar Hero online.


#1 GUITAR KING said:

Sonic phantom what do you think, duhh you use the online adapter thing. Anyways, I am so psyched about this game. I've already beat guitar hero I and II and I just beat guitar hero encore rock the 80's. I think this will be the best yet especially on the Wii. Watch out america because the guitar hero master is coming through.


slash said:

This game is going to be beast.


alex01 said:

Guitar hero 3 is frickin' sweet.


rad said:

Too bad they haven't yet come out with the option to download songs, I have it and you can't download.

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