Gunman Clive developer: "eShop is a healthier market than iOS"

Gunman Clive developer:

3DS sales proving bounteous

Speaking in a thread on the NeoGAF forums, Gunman Clive developer Bertil Horberg has revealed that despite being released eight months later, the eShop version of his game has already outsold its counterpart on Apple platforms.

Bertil posted the graph below, charting the relative sales comparison between the three main platforms:

The Android version remains out in front, which Bertil attributes to being featured by Google.

Food for thought - perhaps iOS isn't the holy grail for indie developers after all?

To learn more about the game, give our Gunman Clive review a read.

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WUMPER said:

A game like Clive is best suited to a proper gaming machine with buttons like the 3DS.

6 years ago

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