Hooked umbrella trauma

Hooked umbrella trauma

Time for a box art or three. Here's Hooked, a fishing game which actually comes with a fishing rod accessory.

Fishy in the water, fishy in the sea.

Next we've got the latest in the Trauma Center series, New Blood.

Lots of thought put into this?

Last is the European version of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

Zombie nation.

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A Yoshi Fan said:

The European Resident Evil cover is the best Resident Evil cover yet.


Otis said:

The Umbrella Chronicles is better than both the American and Japanese.


Nintendoof said:

Love the new accessory, New Blood looks kind of average and the Euro Umbrella Chronicles looks SWEET.


wiimaster said:

Trauma center NB box art simplistic but nice, And RE: UC is looks pretty badass.


Master Foot said:

That fish looks like it's in pain. The REUC box looks sweet, zombies galore! The Trauma Center boxart is probably the lamest POS that was ever created. It looks more rushed than the original Megaman boxart.


Jinchuuriki88 said:

Oh my god, 3 best buy games. But TCNB's box looks kind of lame.


Jinchuuriki88 said:

By the way, how big is Hooked box? Is it big, or just like any Wii game box?


Zombie Jesus said:

I'm jealous. The Euro box art looks way better than the North American version.


BrAwl said:

Resident evil looks sweet but I can't say the same with trauma center.


Epsilon said:

Wait, Wi-Fi in Trauma Center and a fishing game?


W00T said:

Hey no one else noticed the Wi-Fi logo on Trauma centre, what's that about? Competing in a 2 on 2 to save some guy, or maybe a capture the flag thing. Although, maybe Co-Op(eration).


TruBlu said:

All of those look totally sweet! Yeah.

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