Horsing around on Wii

Horsing around on Wii

At the Ubidays event, publishers Ubisoft announced a new game in their animal raising "Z" series, Horsez 2 (the others being Catz and Dogz).

Horsez 2 will also be available on the DS platform. Details on gameplay are scarce, but you can probably expect to look after your horse's health and morale (keep that horsey depression at bay!) using training and grooming.

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BonbonJoe said:

I used to love Dogz 3. Then it stopped working because the CD ROM was terrible. Played it way too much. I'm not big on Horses though.


Elementrat said:

You sick Nintendogs ripoff you! This series started with "Dogz" right after Nintendo's Nintendogs became such a runaway hit. I despise copiers. I'm looking at you Ubisoft.


Scooby Jew said:

I might actually tell my little sister about this game so she can get it later, but I haven't been doing so for games like High School Musical for obvious reasons. This game seems like I could possibly bear watching her play it.


Ekaj185 said:



asparaWIIgus said:



Master Foot said:

YAY! I always wanted a pony! NOT.


Hey said:

Horsing around on Wii. Something I do with the internet function?


Gonzo said:

Eh, I don't want a horse game. But the controls might be interesting for this.

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anonymous said:

I love horses and ubisoft makes some good games so whatever with everyone making the nasty comments.


R2-D2 said:

Dogz would be much better.

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