Horsez 2

Published by Ubisoft, Developed by Virtual Toys

Genres: Simulation

US release date: - | EU release date: -

Horsez 2


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User comments


BonbonJoe said:

Is that Barbie?


whiiz said:

Do they have to add a "z" to all of those games? Dogz, catz, and now horsez. Oh god. Next it's going to be crocodilez.


just talkiing said:

The "z" in the title makes it extreme to the max.


Super King said:

Everyone knowz thingz are better when they're spelled wrong.


Master Foot said:

How am I going to buy my horse armor if it's not WiFi compatible?


Keranu said:

I love the graphics in this game.


LatinaX said:

Woah. Are those screenshots for the Wii! The graphics in this game look so good. I've bought horse sim games for PC's before but they were really bad (they kept freezing and some parts on the screen would appear as a white square). I'll definitely buy this though.


HorseGal said:

My Horse and Me looks so much more realistic than this. Plus I found a video for this game, it looks kind of funny, how the horse moves and all.


WiiFreak said:

I love virtual games and horses so this game looks fantastic! (I hope they're real screenshots).


Wiipaw said:

Oh, look! Another game that's main feature is a side feature in Twilight Princess! Needless to say, I'll pass.


Llama said:

I have this game, it's awesome! The graphics (as you can see) are great.


ChickenWing said:

I love this game, I honestly don't care how the horse moves, it's got a great storyline, endless playtime, and the coloring and graphics are breathtaking, My Horse and Me, to me, wasn't fun. I really enjoyed this game! And no it's not barbie, that's the e, Lily.

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