High Voltage Hot Rod Show

High Voltage Hot Rod Show

Promising developers High Voltage have revealed an upcoming racing game for WiiWare: High Voltage Hot Rod Show.

The press release promises a number of off-road courses and high speed action, including ramps, stunts and boosts. Single player and offline multiplayer modes are featured. Although there's no online play, you can post your best times onto a leaderboard.

    Track styles
  • Island
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Ruins

HVHRS also supports a number of control methods, including the Wiimote on its side (Wii Wheel compatible), or a nunchuk can be connected for analog stick steering. Classic Controllers and GameCube pads can be hooked up too.

It's coming out during the fourth quarter of this year, some early screenshots are up now.

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User comments


IdiotStorm said:

Why are you working on some other game? Focus on The Conduit.


Insert Name Here said:

I agree with IdiotStorm.


unedited said:

It's just a wiiware game and besides all they have to do for the conduit now is polish it up, that ain't going to take all their team to do that.


Nintendoof said:

Yeah they have made some decent games in the past. I'll trust this is no different.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Looks a bit like Gran Turismo.


samthespark said:

Bad voltage BAD! Get back to the conduit.

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