Hudson Calling, anyone there?

Hudson Calling, anyone there?

A press release from Hudson confirms the existence of, and explains a bit about, a new survival horror game titled Calling. Some videos of this were previously leaked, but were shut down.

The Black Page

Rumor has it that you will die if you visit the Black Page website and see "something" in the site. Anyone can visit the page, but only a few can actually see things within it. The website is literally all in black and just shows a counter. Some say it is a hoax, a prank, or a marketing ploy. A few people say the site is a bridge to something sinister and the counter indicates the number of people who have died after seeing the site.

Main Characters

Those who see something in the Black Page begin to stray somewhere between life and death. There are multiple characters who are present throughout the game. The Calling revolves around these characters and their fight for survival.

In-Between Space
The spirits of the dead go to the space-between-space where the Calling revolves around. This place is made up by the memory of dead characters and various locations in the space such as houses, schools and hospitals. Someone or something is drawing the living to this space for a reason that becomes apparently horrifying once the characters discover the truth.

  • Traditional Survival Horror: No rocket launchers, no chainsaws, no armor suits. Calling is a story that revolves around real people in their fight for survival.
  • Intuitive controls designed for using the Wiimote to navigate the characters throughout the world.
  • Equipment such as flashlights, notepads, radios that you can use to escape the Calling.

Calling is penciled in for a Spring 2010 release. Official screenshots are up on the Calling page.

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Nova said:

I will always defend Japanese horror games over western horror games. They're significantly more psychological and less about blowing things up and shooting off zombie heads. Western horror games never really scare you, they just shock you by throwing stuff at you from all angles constantly while the Japanese equivalent is more about eerie moods and anticipation.


Perfect Gun said:

Sounds creepy and that's good.


Jettwinlock said:

I am just hoping it's not an on rails game like the video footage made it look and it's free roaming. Nothing takes me out of the experience of a game like rail shooters.

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