Wii has an Impossible Mission

Wii has an Impossible Mission

Earlier today System 3 announced that a new title called Impossible Mission is in the works, it will be released on Wii and the DS.

Impossible Mission began its life on the Commodore 64 system back in the 80s. Unsurprisingly, the new game will have significant enhancements to the graphics and sound, but gameplay will largely remain faithful to the original. This is likely to be a budget title, perhaps one for the retro gamer.

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DJames said:

Impossible Mission, Mission Impossible. Cheapo rip off if you ask me.


stinky12694 said:

Let me guess, defuse a bomb with the wiimote / stylus.


Master Foot said:

Never heard of it. Alright Sam Fisher wannabe.


lickwid said:

Impossible Mission eh? "this assignment, if you are so inclined to take it upon yourself .*other cheap knockoff lines*" I can see the lawsuits already.


Elementrat said:

Ummm. Mission Impossible? What? Somebody ripped somebody off.

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eric said:

Doesn't really sound like it will be a big hit.


Gonzo said:

When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be a Mission Impossible game.


TheKid said:

It looks like fisher. On meth.


Seamninja said:

Hmm looks like a spy game. I like spy games.


Seany C said:

I played the original Impossible Mission for the C64. For its time it was a surprisingly good platformer/puzzler, with no connection to "Mission Impossible" other than the title. Google search "impossible mission c64" for info.


cmk said:

Sounds like fun.


Scooby Jew said:

It better not be like Splinter Cell. If that's the case, they're already making a mistake with this game.


Crimson Hawk said:

Nothing is impossible Wii, except making a disney game everyone can enjoy.


reclude said:

I loved the commodore 64 version, hopefully they will do the new one justice.


Ralindil said:

That's like, seriously, the most obvious rip off ever. For serious.


hughman666 said:

C'mon guys do your homework, this is an *old* game from 1983 being re-done. Has nothing to do with the mission impossible films. The original impossible mission for the c64 was kickass and had great playability. Will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

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