Impossible Mission

Published by Play It, Developed by System 3

Genres: Action

US release date: Mar 30th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Impossible Mission


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User comments


i got wii said:

Didn't this game just get announced and it's already out? Oh yeah looks ok.

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Nova said:

This game looks a bit like Mission impossible, but I'm sure it's different. I've never even heard of the Commador 64 but it must have been something.


Bobs Ya Uncle said:

This game looks kind of cheesy!


Sonic Fan said:

Here's an impossible mission. (evil voice) Someone get me a Wii!


Zach said:

Impossible mission, as far as I know, was a classic for the commodore 64, played it a lot when I was a tyke.


Mart said:

It'd better say "Destroy him my robots" and "Stay a while. Stay forever!". Also Nova, the C64 is the best thing ever.


Pete said:

I played the heck out of this game back in the C64's heyday. When I saw this title at FYE today, I HAD to pick it up. It was a great game back then and still is today.

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Don said:

This game just blows. Unresponsive controls, bad graphics, terrible storyline, unimaginative level design, bland sound/voice "acting", and the animations. Oh god. I don't care if this was a classic, that's no excuse for Codemasters to re-release this excuse for a game. And the screenshots/box art for this game look like blocky jpegs.


Hot Rod said:

Yeah, played it on the C64 a lot and there was also a newer version for the Amiga (AGA version so for the Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000). Learn your history and play it.


Jeff said:

Don, this game is likely older than you. Considering that it was designed for the Commodore 64 (Do you have any idea what the 64 stood for? Look it up), it was fantastic for its time. Does it compare well with modern games- of course not. Was it a good idea to re-release it? Hell yeah- there are many fans of this game who would like to give it a try for purely nostalgic reasons. Bashing this game is akin to bashing the original Star Wars movie for poor special effects! Learn your history.

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