Is Nintendo Making A New Wii U Gamepad?

Is Nintendo Making A New Wii U Gamepad?

Recent commercial may have leaked new GamePad model

It seems some eagle-eyed Nintendo fans may have discovered a new Wii U GamePad model in a recent Japanese commercial for Mario Kart 8.

The GamePad is only on screen for a second or two, but it looks slightly different from the current model on sale, hinting at tweaks to the design, and possibly a larger screen.

There hasn't been any confirmation from Nintendo about a redesigned GamePad, but we'll update you as soon as more is reveled.

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Rob Jones said:

It certainly does look different there in the pic... more 'compact' I'd say.

9 years ago

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Zachary Wickwire said:

I wouldn't complain if the GamePad was a little smaller, but since having two GamePads is pointless, I just don't see myself getting one of these.

9 years ago

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