Iwata unboxes Wii U

Iwata unboxes Wii U

Gloves not required

Unboxing videos are a common phenomenon on YouTube whenever a new product hits the market. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has beaten everyone to the punch this time though, and presented his own 'Unboxing Ceremony'.

With good production values, a well lit environment and such a suave presenter, this could perhaps be the best unboxing to date. Check it out:

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Aster said:

That saved the amateurs a job. Iwata did ok for a first time.

6 years ago

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rasengan91 said:

cool idea by nintendo, i notice they chose the deluxe bundle tho.

6 years ago

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WUMPER said:

The signs say that Nintendo are struggling. Iwata had to wear gloves to keep this one pristine enough for resale.

6 years ago

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edward said:

on the 30/dseber/2012 I get the wii u

6 years ago

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