Multiplayer modes in Kid Icarus 3DS

Multiplayer modes in Kid Icarus 3DS

Nintendo has just released information regarding various multiplayer modes that will be available to play in the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising on 3DS:

  • Free For All (FFA): Up to 6 players (human or CPU) enter combat and the highest scorer wins. Both the number of kills and deaths are taken into account.
  • Light vs. Dark: Two teams, with three players on each side, battle it out and try to empty each others' health meters. When this happens the last killed team member transforms into an angel. The team to kill the opposing side's angel is declared the winner. This mode focuses on teamwork, as the play changes from dishing out damage to keeping the angel safe.
  • Setting up: Both of these game modes are playable via local wireless and online. CPU players will fill in any gaps where humans are absent. Various options like CPU difficulty, player handicaps, weapons and match duration can be customized.
  • Weapons and fusion: There is an array of weapons to collect in the single player experience and these can then be brought into multiplayer. Gamers get to choose a combination of weapons and powers before the beginning of play. Weapons can also be 'fused' together using the Arms Altar. This will create a single weapon with attributes from the first two, but more lethal.
  • StreetPass: Gamers can share weapons through the StreetPass function of the Nintendo 3DS hardware.

Kid Icarus: Uprising hits shelves across North American on March 23rd, 2012. Anybody who preorders through Amazon will receive a free download code for 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, a reworked 3D version of the NES original game.

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