Kororinpa sequel possible

Kororinpa sequel possible

Hudson representative John Master Lee held a Q&A thread recently, posters were invited to ask any Hudson-related questions they wanted. He revealed that a sequel to marble game Kororinpa might be on in the future.

"It's one of those games that hardcore gamers seemed so ready to write off, but ended up being a real treat for those who love a more casual experience. I loved the Apple level, where you can turn the apple all around and you have to navigate through the grooves".

"As for a sequel, it would be great to see one. If we did do one, it would be deeper and have more levels to better suit US gamer tastes. US gamers sure seem to demand more when it comes to gameplay depth and the amount of content in a game".

Despite some mediocre reviews from the press (not mine!), John says the game sold very well in the US, causing them to run out of inventory. Most promisingly, in a later response he said this:

"But I'm glad to see you LOVED Kororinpa. I think you'll be happy again in the next year!".

That sounds like a definite hint to a sequel, or some kind of ball-rolling game at least.

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Keranu said:

Awesome. I still haven't played the first, but it looks great.


Senpai said:

OH GOD PLEASE! I so want another kororinpa.


Bobo said:

Yay! I totally want the first one and I would get the sequel if there is one.


Sarah from the UK said:

I'm half way through it (the first one). But it would be good for a second.


Cyndy said:

Marble Mania 2 is a MUST! A group of us has played and want more. A Haunted House with a graveyard theme would be a good level.


Pam said:

Love the first one! Finished up the two player, regular and mirrored. Now playing the one player and up to secret level 12. Sure hope there'll be a sequel.


Brent said:

Make kororinpa 2 now and add an option to make custom levels.


Cyndy said:

Would be great to see a new version using the new balance board.


Belcaw said:

This is great; but when was this story posted? Nothing here has dates, which makes it impossible to know if next year was really last year and there is no new game that came out or will be out any time soon.

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