La-Mulana announced on WiiWare

La-Mulana announced on WiiWare

Nicalis, the developers behind Cave Story have teamed up with Japanese studio Nigoro ( do you pronounce that?) to bring out another WiiWare game called La-Mulana.

Originally released on the PC in 2005, La-Mulana is a traditional action adventure game. The Indiana-Jones-esque main character carries a whip and the gameplay involves searching tombs for items.

WiiWare's remake comes with a number of enhancements over the original version. The graphics have been jazzed up with hand-drawn artwork, new audio and special effects are being brought in too, as well as some DLC features:

The new console version of La-Mulana will expand the mysteries of the ruins with downloadable content support including new gameplay modes (such as Boss Rush), special stages and more. From Japan to China, Europe and North America, Nigoro has gained a wide audience. Fans all over world have experienced games designed by Nigoro. "We want to develop more games for consoles and bring back that excitement of classic games. It's the concept for our games in the future, so thank you and bon appetit for the support!" said Shoji Nakamura of Nigoro.

Bon appetit? There's also a new trailer:


Is it me or does that guy move too slowly?

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