Published by Nicalis, Developed by Nigoro

Genres: Action / Platformer (1 players)

US release date: Sep 20th, 2012 | EU release date: Sep 20th, 2012

Price: 1000 points


Fellow archeologists and students, La-Mulana is an action-adventure platformer inspired by the PC games of the 1980s!

The all-new remake of La-Mulana features stunning new graphics, new sound, re-tuned gameplay and new secrets for the budding archeologist inside all of us. The fantastically re-imagined La-Mulana features hand-drawn pixel art by game director, Takumi Naramura. Specifically created for the Wii and built on a fresh, new game engine, La-Mulana takes full advantage of the Wii and WiiWare service.

If you dare, venture into the mysterious ruins of La-Mulana with me, Lemeza Kosugi. By the way I'm a third-generation Japanese, university professor and also a famous archaeologist. A descendant of ninjas, I've honed my abilities and can use a myriad of weapons and gear. Please assist me in solving the mysteries of the ruins of La-Muluna and beating my father, Shorn Kosugi, along the way. He, too, is a famous archaeologist and my eternal rival. So, let's grab my trusty whip, Mobile Super X PC and get ready for some archaeological ruins explorations!

Best regards,
Lemeza Kosugi
Assistant Professor

    La-Mulana features
  • Standard definition and Wii-only progressive (480p) graphics
  • Developed by the team responsible for Rose & Camellia and the original La-Mulana PC game
  • Seven primary weapons, 11 sub-weapons, over 40 items and 20 .exe files to find and collect
  • Wii Remote, GameCube and Classic Controller compatibility
  • 18 areas in the free-roaming world of La-Mulana
  • Downloadable Add-On Content
  • All-new App upgrade system
  • Revised and improved control system
  • New characters and secret areas
  • Three vastly unique endings
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Originally meant to be a tribute to the days of the MSX computer game system (which even predated the NES), La-Mulana was a humble Japanese indie game with a lot of heart. Though indie games do not have a large following in Japan, the game slowly gained popularity in the full review

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