Line Rider 2 happening on Wii

Line Rider 2 happening on Wii

A press release from Genius Products LLC confirms that Line Rider 2: Unbound is heading to the Nintendo Wii.

This ain't your daddy's Line Rider though, what started out as a simplistic Flash experience now looks much more like a fully fledged game (as it ought to for $29.99).

Line Rider 2 follows the sledding antics of Bosh, trying to save his true love Bailey from the hands of the wily 'Chaz'. This Story Mode features over 40 puzzles to complete, designed by TechDawg, who is known as the world's best Line Rider player. The game will also let you create your own puzzles to share online.


  • Story mode with 40+ puzzles.
  • Wiimote functionality used fully.
  • Puzzle Creation mode - design and share your own puzzles.
  • Freestyle mode - create things in the classic way.
  • New easy to use interface.
  • New types of line - accelerators, decelerators, scenery lines, trampoline lines and trap doors.
  • New tools - pixel perfect eraser, flag markers for saving.
  • Library of sounds and visual effects.

Q2 2008 is the expected release period for Line Rider 2 on Wii. Some screenshots are up on the game's page.

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ToTaLgAmEr said:

Kewl, I will probably get this.


BrothaZ said:

Story mode?

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Mike said:

This should just be for Wiiware I think.


Master Foot said:

I suppose the 'it' factor that made the original Line Rider so popular is expected to push units. It probably should have been a Wii Ware title because it would have less competition on the virtual store shelf. $30 is a bit much for this game, but that's where I draw the LINE.


Jimmy said:

Looks pretty good for that price, it must have a lot of content! Here's hoping.


Jewish Clam said:

If it is not on WiiWare I'll buy it.

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