Zelda minigame with the Zapper

Zelda minigame with the Zapper

In a press release, Nintendo has officially announced there will be a Zelda mini-game packed in with the Wii Zapper accessory (pictured below).

State of the art bang-bang.

The game will be titled Link's Crossbow Training and features Link going through a series of crossbow trials. The tests begin with simple bullseyes and move on to actual moving enemies.

A number of 3rd parties are keen to support the Zapper, games like the following:

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BrothaZ said:

Pretty cool huh.


Nintendoof said:

Very nice addition Nintendo.


Master Foot said:

Leave it to Link to sell a piece of plastic. A very sought after piece of plastic. Marketing genius, AGAIN.


eric ♥ wii said:

Cool. But they should have waited a little before putting another Wii Zelda game out there.


Nintendoof said:

Yes. Link with a crossbow. Awesome. I also sketched up new characters for Brawl. Animal Crossing boy and girl (separate), Baby Mario & Luigi (together), Bomberman, and 9 Volt from Warioware. What do you guys think?


Jonny B said:

I was maybe going to get it regardless of the minigame, but hey any extra helps.


WiiNinja said:

Drop dead wicked awesome.


wiigator said:

Cool, but a game just with a crossbow? Sounds a lot like duck hunt. Not a buy. Re:uc is going to be great though.


Elebot said:

A little incentive to buy some more stuff. Seems interesting. Not going crazy to get my hands on a Zapper, but I'll probably get it eventually.


wii rox said:

At least now the wire is out of the way.


Googolmario said:

Finally, a decent pic of the zapper. Hilarious caption too.

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Nova said:

I like the picture above. Has anyone here see that Family Guy? I mean I know it's from something else, but still.


Dox said:

This is cool but the games would have to be designed especially for it, seeing as you can't move the wiimote/nunchuk separately.


Koen van Beeck said:

A Zelda spin-off!? Nooo.

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