Ghost Squad

Published by Sega, Developed by Sega

Genres: Shooting (4 players)

US release date: Nov 20th, 2007 | EU release date: Jan 18th, 2008

Ghost Squad

The Ghost Squad is a Special Forces unit established in strict secrecy by the U.N. to combat terrorism and carry out special highly-classified missions without leaving a trace. As an elite member of the Ghost Squad, players will complete dangerous missions such as eliminating terrorist groups, releasing hostages, deactivating bombs, and even rescuing the US President when terrorists hijack Air Force One! Using the Wii Remote, players will utilize revolutionary selectable weapons including a high powered rifle, sub machine and shot gun, or even engage in hand-to-hand combat.


  • 4 gameplay modes - Includes the full arcade version of Ghost Squad, a Multiplayer mode for 1-4 players and more
  • 3 dangerous missions to complete - with multiple levels that increase in difficulty as the player progresses. Players will also unlock a variety of alternate routes, different player choice scenarios, and secret weapons and costumes. Time of day for certain missions can also be effected
  • Alone or with up to three squad mates, players will rescue hostages, apprehend suspects and deactivate bombs as you eliminate terrorist threats around the world
  • 25 different tactical weapons to unlock and use during operations
  • Special assistance devices such as night vision, thermo vision and a flashlight will ensure that the operation is a success
  • One of the first light gun games to make the leap from the arcades to the Wii - using only the Wii Remote
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User comments


Hey said:

Awesome! I love games like this.


Zendalf said:

All of the bad guys are in the same squatting, knee bent stance. Boring.


i love wii said:

Cool it's a first person shooter.


i love wii said:

This game reminds me of time crisis 3.


soulbreather said:

That's because it's an arcade game.


divinity boy said:

You can't even see your gun. I just hope you get to move yourself, instead of defeating the baddies and the screen moves onto the next batch.


Wiigamer said:

I played this game in the arcade and it was awesome! I can't wait until it comes out for the Wii.


Movement said:

What is up with the movement? Can you move freely? Or does the game have scripted player movement and you just shoot stuff?


Wii Man (ENGLAND) said:

Scripted movement, just like the arcade games.


wii007 said:

I love playing this game in arcades, this will be awesome.


Dude said:

This game is so cool. Disappointed it only has 3 missions, but other than that a great game. Change your costumes, guns, level of difficulty. Get it.


Nemo said:

This game is so freaking fun! I love how all the gun sounds come out of the wiimote speaker. Please bring Time Crisis to the Wii too Sega.


Bill said:

Time Crisis would be awesome for the Wii. I just bought the Wii and am a little disappointed there aren't more first person shooters like that.


goblex2 said:

I love time crisis in the arcade. I haven't played ghost squad yet.


Joe Cotterill said:

Played this in arcade, hope it's good for my Wii. Time crisis would be AWESOME! I love it.


Hellingame said:

HOLY SEWERAGE! I loved this in the arcades! But the Wii version totally butchered it. I'd rather pay 75 cents to play it each time than buy this lame excuse of a game.


Wii mad said:

Is the Wii zapper good on ghost squad?

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