MadWorld gets a helping hand

MadWorld gets a helping hand

In a promotional stunt for the British release of MadWorld, publishers Sega have strewn fake amputated arms through UK cities - each one soaked in blood and holding a copy of the game.

The severed limbs have been created in black and white, in homage to the game's style and as not to cause offense to the public. So far these things have been spotted in locations like London's Tower Bridge and Carnaby Street.

MadWorld's UK release date is March 20th, 2009.

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Now why can't they do this kind of stuff in the us? Very cool.


IdiotStorm said:

Hopefully the box is empty, or people would get a free copy.


wiiman said:

That is so badass! I wish they would do that here in the states.

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Nova said:

So.. people can just take them?


Yoshi-1up said:

No freakin way. That is so badass.


Probama said:

Because, Wiiman, the steady stream of lawsuits filed by money hungry opportunists claiming emotional distress, would be never-ending.


Monsterhunted said:

That last comment distressed me. Where's my lawyers' number?


Zendalf said:


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